Chempure (PTY) Ltd

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Chempure is a South-African based company distributes specialty chemicals to the food, health-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and offers related technical expertise.
We provide a broad base of technical advice from within our company and are supported by our principals who are world leaders in their respective fields.
We carry comprehensive stocks in anticipation of our customers needs


50 Kambathi Street
N4 Industrial Park
Willow Park Manor
Pretoria East

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+27 012 349 1543 +27 012 3491547

Chempure lists 205 products or services
Chempure lists 0 branches
Chempure lists 15 agencies
  • American Casein Company - (Caseinates - ammonium, calcium, potassium, sodium)

  • Bergabest - (MCT (capric caprylic triglyceride) oil & powder)

  • DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland - (Vitamins, fine chemicals, UV absorbers, emulsifiers, cosmetic ingredients, nutriceuticals)

  • Hilmar Ingredients - (Whey protein concentrates)

  • Hydrosol - (Flavours (cheese, butter, etc) and dried cream extract)

  • Proliant - (IGG, haeme, iron and meat enhancement products)

  • Purac Bioquimica, Spain - (Lactic acid and derivatives and gluconates and derivatives)

  • The Solae Company, US - (Liquid and powdered lecithins)

  • Trega Foods - (Whey protein isolates)

  • Various - (Herbal extracts, botanicals, amino acids and speciality chemicals)

  • Plantapharm - (Oils & Extracts)

  • Synthite - (Extracts and Vegetable Proteins)

  • Volac - (Whey protein & Derivatives)

  • Chemipol - (Preservation )

  • Arla - (Proteins)


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