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With more than 28 years hands-on experience, Butcher and Meat Processing Equipment (BMPE) is a leading supplier of superior quality New and Refurbished food processing equipment to the Local and International Market.

We service a diverse range of clients, from Butcheries, Abattoirs, Supermarket Groups, Franchise Outlets, Processing Plants and Bakeries.

Our primary focus is to provide a professional service to the food industry with regard to equipment, spares and the latest technological inn


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Olaf Blomker

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BMPE (Butcher & Meat Processing Equipment) lists 9 agencies
  • Nowicki Metalbud - (The Metalbud NOWICKI company is a modern enterprise, one of the most recognized European manufacturers of high quality machines for meat processing (food industry). The company‚Äôs tradition of reliable production and professional service is dating back to 1974.)

  • Risco - (Risco is the name of reference for the supply of meat processing machines and systems for the food industry. Operating for 50 years, the company has earned a leading position in world markets, joining a family tradition to an advanced and efficient management, projecting as a pioneer in finding new solutions, new processes, new markets and new successes. Risco production includes a wide range of sausage vacuum fillers, total vacuum fillers for filling ham and whole muscle, dry sausages, salami and Mortadella products, minced meat lines, frontal linker lines, meat preparation lines such as grinders and paddle mixers, forming lines for burgers, balls and dumplings (meat,fish or vegetarian products) depositing and co-extrusion systems, tying machines and a complete range of Risco accessories specially designed for the food industry. Risco products are the result of careful research to help its customers of the small, medium and large food industry to develop new solutions in terms of production and finished product. The evolution of the company and the continued growth in years are not just a boast, but a tangible proof of its ability to adapt to the market and the needs of the customer.)

  • Lorenzo Barraso - (At LORENZO BARROSO we manufacture clippers and tiers, and all type of aluminium clips and loops . We produce machinery and consumables for the food and packaging industry since 1958. Our long experience and constant research, focused on innovation and quality, allows us to offer our customers a large range of machinery and consumables, with the most advanced technology. We distribute our products in more than 100 countries, covering the 5 continents. At LORENZO BARROSO we cooperate with our customers to provide a personalized service, based on our values and philosophy:)

  • Saccardo - (Since 1975, the company deals with the study, design and production of vacuum packaging machines and packaging systems for food and non-food products. The love for quality, respect for work, the great Italian ability to understand, interpret and "devise" the most suitable solutions to customer requests make Saccardo Arturo e Figli srl an authoritative point of reference for the national market and international packaging machines. )

  • Nock - (Whether derinder, membrane skinner, cutting machine, skinning machine or scale ice maker: All NOCK food processing machines offer a perfect function and optimal processing results. Therefore you will increase your yield, minimize manual refinishing and enhance the quality and the appearance of your products. You will cut your costs and therefore gain better sales prices. )

  • Foodlogistik - (Your specialist for dicing, slicing, shredding and grating of meat, poultry, cheese, fish, vegetables, and fruits into: Cubes + Strips + Sticks + Slices )

  • Stalam - (Many innovative applications of the Radio Frequency technology were introduced to the food industry for the first time by Stalam on a truly industrial scale, like the rapid defrosting of frozen fish, meat, vegetables and other raw or processed food products, the pasteurisation and sterilisation of either solid packaged food or liquid products in the tube, the disinfestation and sanitisation in bulk of dry agricultural commodities (nuts, grains, pulses, etc.), aromatic and medicinal herbs, etc. )

  • Promarks - (Promarks vac Corporation is a USA based corporation that is incorporated in the state of California and Promarks vac is the parent company of Foodmax and Profood as well as the new Promarks Heat Seal Division. Promarks vac has manufacturing facilities in both the United States and Taiwan that include engineering and R&D departments as well as sales departments. Promarks vac corporate headquarters in CA, USA handles sales and distribution for both North and South America while the Taiwan facility does the same for the Pacific Rim as well as many other international markets. Promarks vac Corporation manufactures several lines of vacuum packaging machines such as table top, single chamber, double chamber, belt type, nozzle type; food processing machines such as brine injectors, shrink tanks, meat and salad mixers, sausage piston stuffers; and specialty heat sealing equipment. Equipment manufactured includes everything from small table top vacuum chambers and nozzle type vacuum sealers to large brine injectors with 420 needles and 300 inch long heat sealing machines just to name a few. Many of Promarks vac machines support standard features and options that range from PLC/HMI control systems, temperature controlled heat seal systems as well as many other that allow them to be fine-tuned to meet your specific needs. Promarks vac also manufactures many custom machines within all of their equipment lines. Customized Promarks vac machines have included machines for high vacuum laminating, vacuum sealing of entire animal carcasses and machines for producing a 300 inch long heat seal.)

  • Brokelmann - (We provide high quality products and technological solutions while maintaining the highest level of commercial service and quality standards. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to quickly prepare and equip our equipment with a new production line that meets the requirements of our customers, and qualified staff cares about the quality of manufactured products. The high demands of our clients oblige us to apply the latest technological advances in the field of plastic forming and thermal stainless steel. Consistent acquisition of new technical and technological solutions as well as machines allows us to perform the tasks entrusted to us and guarantees a high level of quality of manufactured products. Brokelmann constantly raises competences within the organization, and as a result, strengthens relationships and increases the quality of the sales process and services provided, so as to obtain mutual satisfaction.)

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